• Go Further, Faster

    Get your startup the boost it needs through classes, panels, and one-on-one sessions with mentors.

  • Why IIPL Connect

    Looking for an advantage over the competition? We'll give you three.

    1. Advice & Accelerate

    Discover the answers to your toughest questions. Share the most pressing problems that your startup is facing at IIPL Connect and gain immediate feedback from our mentors to address it. You can receive guidance in areas such as business modelling, product development, and fundraising.


    Get connected with our accelerators. Gain first-hand knowledge of the acceleration programs and how your startup can benefit from these programs. Get priority to apply for these programs and meet the accelerators at 1-to-1 meetings.

    2. Business Strategies

    Mentorship is key. IIPL Connect brings mentors and domain experts with years of combined experience in VC investments and entrepreneurship. Their experience scaling business up and across countries will be invaluable to you.

    3. Connect with the Right Resources

    As an early stage startup, you need the right resources to scale fast. IIPL Connect brings you relevant partners that can add value to your startup, with specialization in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Who Should Attend

    If you are a startup in the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) space, and interested to join the accelerator programmes in Singapore and gain access to Asia, IIPL Connect is for you!


    Get to find out about our accelerator programmes such as AIRmaker and TAG.PASS for IBM Watson.


    A series of sessions are also catered for you, covering masterclass on Skills and Mechanisms for Going Global, panel discussion on The Importance of Going Global, and Startup Clinic Consultation with our accelerators to explore the global opportunity for your business.

  • How IIPL Connect Works

    For a detailed agenda, please refer to the specific country agenda below


    Our classes will equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in the rapidly evolving Asian market


    Our panellists are experts in their respective fields. Join their discussion and gain a fresh perspective


    Get the advice from experienced mentors and tap on acceleration programmes to propel your startup further.


    Meet other startups and chat with our mentors over a meal. You never know what could come out of these interactions

  • Connect

    Here're some of our mentors and partners whom we will be bringing down to meet you

    Alex Lin


    Head, IIPL

    Dr. Alex leads a team of investment professionals to develop the infocomm start-up ecosystem in Singapore, and invest in start-ups. He has been actively building companies, mentoring entrepreneurs and investing in promising start-ups for more than a decade.

    Edmas Neo


    Regional Director, IIPL

    Edmas is a passionate and active instigator of entrepreneurship who is deeply plugged-in to the start-up scene. He plays a key role in building the start-ups eco-system. Currently, he is actively driving accelerator partnerships and corporate innovation programmes spanning fintech to IOT.

    Lee Kwai Seng


    Managing Director, AIRmaker

    Kwai Seng has founded several businesses in areas such as distribution, chemicals and electronics. He also helm senior leadership positions at various IT and telco MNCs to drive the growth of innovative products and access to markets.

    Michael LIN


    CEO, Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy (IAPS), National Chiao Tung University

    As CEO and Deputy Director of IAPS, Michael leads the effort for new venture creation, incubation and business acceleration. He aims to establish a comprehensive entrepreneurial eco-system in Taiwan.

    Roger CHEN


    Senior Strategic Business Development, Institute for Information Industry

    Roger bridges international startups and Taiwan to the ICT supply chain, and assist domestic startups to develop international businesses.


    Previously Roger worked for a venture capital firm which invested in early to mid stage companies of semiconductor, IC design, software, internet & mobile application sectors.

    Jeffrey LING


    Vice Preseident of Operation, Taiwan Startup Stadium

    Jeffrey handles operations in general at Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS). He spent 10 years as a legal professional, both law firm and in-house, and wandered into the startup world with the founding of Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST) in January 2011. He tried his hands on his own legal startup as well as led a local team as country manager for a Korean enterprise SaaS startup prior to joining TSS.

  • Our Accelerator Programmes

    IIPL has partnered with the best names in the business to help you get the resources and expertise your startup needs to gain that unique edge

    An IoT-focused accelerator focused on Digital Health & Smart Nation.


    Leveraging on the technology partnerships of our founding partners (Ascendas-Singbridge, Infocomm Investments, and Runyang Group) and corporate partner (Philips Healthcare), AIRmaker provides IoT start-ups with insights on:

    • Viability of your business model

    • Navigating the product design and manufacturing supply chain

    • Access to global partners and investors to take your product to the global market

    The programme will run over a period of 3 months, featuring a Discovery Phase in Singapore followed by a Build Phase in Shenzhen.


    For more information, visit their website at airmaker.sg

    An accelerator programme for startups looking to solve interesting and big problems in areas such as smart city & living, healthcare and finance etc.


    The programme provides startups with:

    • Access to IBM Watson solutions and technical guidance to develop solutions that leverage the powers of cognitive intelligence.

    • Access to markets and insights to help shape the solutions and grow your business.

    • Network with mentors to guide your startup growth, and investors for potential funding.

    The programme, starting in mid-August in Singapore, will run for 11 weeks.


    For more information, visit their website at pages03.net/ibmwatson/tagpass-ibm

    The Global Startup Exchange Program aims to help plugs the knowledge gap when startups enter a new market.


    Through this program, you will be able assess demand and opportunities in Singapore and ASEAN’s fast growing markets before making the move.


    Through this 1 month program, you can build knowledge and capabilities to successfully enter and navigate the Singapore and ASEAN markets through valuable mentorships from industry leaders and connections with our global partners.


    For more information, visit their website at infocomminvestments.com/global-startup-exchange

  • Sign Up

    We're coming to a city near you

    Taipei, Taiwan

    11 July 2016 | 10AM - 4:30 PM


    Start-Up Hub
    142 Jinhua Street, Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan


    10:00 am - Registration
    10:30 am - Masterclass on "Skills and Mechanisms for Going global" by Dr. Alex Lin
    12:00 pm - Lunch & Networking
    01:00 pm - "The Importance of Going Global", Panel Discussion

    01:45 pm - Sharing by TAG.PASS for IBM Watson

    02:00 pm - Sharing by AIRmaker

    02:15 pm - Sharing on Global Startup Exchange

    02:30 pm - Startup Clinic Consultation with Accelerators & Partners
    04:30 pm - End of Programme

  • About IIPL

    Infocomm Investments (IIPL)

    Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL) builds and invests in Singapore and global infocomm technology start-ups. Managing more than US$200 million, we accelerate the development of start-ups in their formative phase, and invest further as they move towards growth and expansion. Through our investments, partnerships with stakeholders across private and public sectors, and global reach, we play a central role in building a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem in Singapore for start-ups to flourish.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What Kind of help can I get from IIPL Connect?

    IIPL Connect is designed for startups to get connected with our accelerators (TAG.PASS for IBM Watson and AIRmaker) and gain insights into the opportunities beyond the local market. You will be able to benefit through the following:

    • Get priority to apply for accelerator programs (TAG.PASS for IBM Watson and AIRmaker) and meet the accelerators at 1-to-1 meetings,
    • Acquire necessary sales skills through our masterclass on Skills and Mechanisms for Going Global,
    • Get tips and input from industry veterans on how to build a global startup during our panel discussion,
    • Receive dedicated consultation with mentors on issues pertinent to your business, and
    • Explore opportunities to take your startup to the global market

    2. Who will I be meeting at IIPL Connect?

    IIPL Connect brings to you key programme partners from acceleration and market access programmes (such as AIRmaker, IBM Watsons and Global Startup Exchange), and industry veterans from the Taiwan and Korea startup community. Please refer here for the list of people you will be meeting.

    3. I will only be available at certain times of the day. Can I attend part of the event?

    In order to get the most benefit out of the event for your startup, we highly recommend you attend the full event. If you are not available in the morning and wish to attend the dedicated mentorship, please drop us an email at iiplconnect@infocomminvestments.com. We will try to accommodate your schedule (subject to availability).

    4. I am an individual thinking of starting my own startup. Can I attend the event?

    Yes, you can! We welcome anyone who is interested in starting up a business to attend the event and gain more relevant knowledge to build your own startup.

    5. What does it cost me to attend the event?

    The event is free of charge. IIPL Connect will cost you nothing beyond the time you invest to learn from our partners, think through your issues, discuss your startup and explore opportunities with an open mind.

    For Accelerator specific queries, please visit the AIRmaker and TAG.PASS for IBM Watson websites.